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Businesses with projects in export markets have the opportunity to tap into the skills of international students studying in Christchurch and Canterbury. International students can assist with projects requiring cultural awareness, foreign language expertise, overseas connections and research. The Job Ready Programme endeavours to match the skills sets and experience of the students with the business needs and will provide support and follow-up for both the business and intern throughout the project.

The students we are representing are looking for paid work or unpaid internships, to add value to your business. Arrangements depend on your business requirements and the learning outcomes the student may have at your workplace. A typical internship is up to 3 months, involving training, contribution and successful outcomes for both business and intern.


  • Test your new product or service at home with local international communities.
  • Develop a social media strategy to gain presence on an international channel.
  • Gain cultural insights to move into a new market or expand an existing one.
  • Strengthen international business connections by leveraging local talent.
  • Get your marketing plan reviewed by an international student representing your target market.

Project length, start dates and other logistical details are flexible.

Get access to new talent and
grow your business

Businesses can benefit from the global skills and talent of international students, especially if your business is looking to export to the student’s native country. They bring unique and diverse perspectives to the local workforce – which strengthens business plans, strategies and organisational development. This job ready programme provides a link to these international graduates who have completed a programme of study in Canterbury and are better prepared to succeed in a New Zealand job market.

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What employers who have worked with international interns have to say

We have benefited hugely from the global experience and perspective that Pramuk contributes. In particular, his skills gained from working in larger multinational businesses, and his area of study, have massively improved our ability to execute on projects.

Chris Wright, ADInstruments (Intern from the Dunedin Work Ready Programme)

One of the challenges faced by our organisation is the ability to understand the full potential of our key markets. Having Sandeep join our team provided insight into areas of the Indian market that present significant opportunity. His prior work experience and recent education supported the needs of the team, but it was his extensive understanding of Indian culture and marketing that offered a significant and unique value.

Tony Mortensen, Director of International Growth Strategies, University (Intern from UC)

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