Moving to Christchurch


We are so pleased that you have chosen Christchurch and Canterbury as your new home or are thinking about making it your new home. You have made a great choice. Here you will have the opportunity to receive internationally-recognized education, as well as experience and explore an exciting and enjoyable lifestyle.
Exploration is part of what Christchurch and Canterbury is all about.
It is part of what has shaped us. We are hardwired to challenge the status quo, to imagine, explore and discover what’s next. Christchurch is a city founded on that spirit; our history was built on it. And our future will be created by it.

Plan Your Trip:

Use this online planning tool to help you move to and settle in New Zealand:

Code of Practice

When you come to study in New Zealand, it’s important that you are well informed, safe, and properly cared for. New Zealand educational providers have an important responsibility for international students’ welfare. Here is an overview of the “Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students” (the Code), which sets standards for education providers to ensure:

– High professional standards are maintained
– The recruitment of international students is undertaken in an ethical and responsible manner
– Information supplied to international students is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date
– Students are provided with information prior to entering into any commitments
– Contractual dealings with international students are conducted in an ethical and responsible manner
– The particular needs of international students are recognized
– International students under the age of 18 are in safe accommodation
– All providers have fair and equitable internal procedures for the resolution of international student grievances.

The Code also has a Review Panel to receive and adjudicate on student complaints. For more information regarding the Code –