Health Services

Key services and help

Christchurch is well serviced by health and welfare professionals providing a range of services. All registered health professionals offer a comprehensive and confidential consultation service. Costs vary and should be discussed before the consultation.

If you are staying for a period of time you might want to consider registering with a community health practice where a team of primary health professionals can offer health checks, screening, medical assistance, and support. Alternatively, your campus may provide student health services and referrals where necessary. Acute health checks and emergency care is available through after-hours clinics as well as from the hospital Accident & Emergency department.

Here are some services that you might require some time during your stay.

After Hours Medical Centres:

Accident & Emergency
Riccarton Clinic03 343 3661
Moorehouse Medical Centre03 365 7900
24 Hour Surgery03 365 7777

After Hours Pharmacies:

Urgent Pharmacy03 366 4439
Riccarton Clinic Pharmacy03 343 3661
Moorhouse After Hours Pharmacy03 365 7905

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