Good to know

Good to know

Library Services

Lots of Libraries

Christchurch has a number of libraries where staff are committed to assisting international students. You will see the Christchurch Educated flags outside the main libraries. The larger libraries (Upper Riccarton, Central, Peterborough & Fendalton) have a good selection of fiction and non-fiction books & magazines in different languages.

Christchurch City Libraries is an online resource where you can search for books by title, author, or even by language. You will have access to all the books stored in Christchurch public libraries. Take a tour now.

Joining a Library

It is free to join the library. You can print off a copy of the membership form and have it ready before you arrive at the library to speed the process.

If you do not live or pay rates within the Christchurch City Council area you can join as a non-city member.

To join the library you need:

Either your passport or two (2) forms of ID, preferably one with a photo-ID.
The name and address of a contact person (they may need to find you if you change address and forget to tell us).
Proof of address (no more than 30 days old). This can be a letter from your bank, school, power or telephone company. If you do not have proof of address you can borrow 2 items. To continue your membership you must provide proof of address within 3 months.

Places of worship/religious faiths

Most faiths have places of worship in Christchurch offering social activities and support groups. To check out places of worship and groups from your religious faith click here.


Country Embassy or Consulate

There may be times when you need assistance or have enquiries related to your passport, visa, legal or home-based documents or matters.

Each country has an embassy or consulate which represents their home country in NZ and handles diplomatic matters and issues. Consulates (through their representative consul) handle minor diplomatic issues like issuing visas, aiding in trade relationships, and taking care of migrants, tourists, and expatriates. Some students have used their services for legal support and advice if charged in NZ. Embassies are mostly located in Wellington but there are some consulates located in Christchurch.