Flat Guide

Flat Guide

It is a good idea to stay in pre-arranged accommodation (homestay or hall of residence) when you first arrive in New Zealand, as this will allow you time to adjust to living in a new country. However, after a while, you may choose to rent your own off-campus flat or shared accommodation or to move into an existing flat.

If you want to rent a flat with a group, someone in your group will need to sign a lease and agree to rent the flat for a fixed period of time. Read the lease carefully before signing and if necessary, ask someone to explain it to you.

More Flat Information

You can find information about flats in a number of ways:

Real Estate Rentals
NZ Flatmates

Ask at the International Student Office on campus.
Check local websites (ask other students for popular sites).
Check local newspapers.
Check the campus notice boards or the campus website.
Check Property Management Agencies.

Important points to consider

Some flats are furnished; others are not. Flat rent often doesn’t include electricity, telephone, and the internet, so you will need to pay more each month for these services. Most landlords require you to pay a deposit, or bond, before you move in, to cover any damage you may cause. This can be quite a lot of money, and you need to carefully check the conditions for refunding the bond when you leave.

Flatmate Wanted

Another option is to look at ‘Flatmate Wanted’ advertisements. Sometimes a person will leave a flat, and the other people renting it need someone else to share costs. In shared flats, it is common for flatmates to share electricity, phone and internet costs. Some flats share groceries, and cook meals communally, while others do individual cooking.

Average Costs per week

Average Costs per week (based on 3 person share):

Room rent$120 - $150
Electricity$12 - $20
Food$80 - $100
Internet$10 - $15