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Pawarisa Santiwiriyakarn


I came to Christchurch primarily to improve my English. I go to Lincoln High School, a secondary school located in a rural setting on the outskirts of Christchurch city, and I love the more relaxed approach to education. I also enjoy the way the school encourages and welcomes students’ ideas and creative input.  

Shefali Iyer


What I really liked about UC is that everyone is willing to help – that includes lecturers and tutors if you need academic help, career counsellors if you need help in selecting your courses, or student mentors and fellow students if you simply need a friend! International Student Support is a big comfort for students who have come all the way here not knowing anyone else.

Bianca Das


You don’t just get lost in the crowd at Lincoln; lecturers know who you are and are more actively involved in helping you succeed. You get to study under international experts in your field, so you know what you are learning is current and directly applicable, which gives you a real leg up once you graduate.

Jack Zhou


Most lecturers give well-structured, heuristic lectures. Some are also very humorous. The overall academic atmosphere in the University makes me feel like studying can really be enjoyable and relaxing.

Kee Soing Lim


Coming from Malaysia to study at UC, one of the things Kee enjoys most at the University is the multicultural environment. ‘I have met friends from Thailand, Oman, India, China, Samoa and Tonga. I have got to know their cultures and also improve my communication skills,’ he says.

Maider Oritz


Staff and teachers at CCEL are awesome, they take care of you and are always happy to help you.

Zach Whityman


‘I chose to study at UC because of its Hazard and Disaster Management programme. The programme allows me to apply my background in geology to help understand how natural hazards affect organisations and – more importantly – the people working in them.’