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Our studies were both indoors and outdoors, which I liked.The small classes mean you are able to interact with each other and your lecturer more, which is not something you’d easily get in a big class environment.I had an awesome time and met a bunch of great people.I studied hard and also had a great social life to balance it up.

Cici Huang


Organising your study in Christchurch is easy.

Our list below includes information about the New Zealand schooling system and curriculum, immigration and international student care policies and monitoring.

Education New Zealand



Find out more about why New Zealand is a fantastic destination for studying abroad and identify a NZ specialist agent to help with your decision making.

New Zealand Education System

This section provides information about the New Zealand education system. How it works, the guiding policies and resourcing.

School Terms and Holidays

Check the dates for public school terms. For private schools and tertiary timetables, please check with individual providers’ websites.

Care of International Students – Code of Practice

All education providers welcoming international students to New Zealand are required to adhere to a strict set of guidelines to ensure the highest level of safety, care, financial accountability and education standards. Providers are reviewed against these standards on a regular basis.

To find out more, visit The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Visa Requirements 

If you want to study in New Zealand at school or tertiary level, you may need a student visa. Check your visa eligibility and application requirements at New Zealand Now.

Living in Christchurch

Information on living in Christchurch.

Working in New Zealand

Your guide to working while studying in New Zealand as an international student. Check out NZReady – the online planning tool which includes a section specifically tailored for international students.

Driving in New Zealand

Information on the requirements for driving in New Zealand.

Embassies in New Zealand

Find details on the Foreign Representatives to New Zealand from your country of origin.

Qualifications in New Zealand

A comprehensive list of all quality assured qualifications in New Zealand.

Asia New Zealand Foundation

Non-partisan and non-profit organisation dedicated to building New Zealanders’ knowledge and understanding of Asia.