Study Options

I like small cities that’s why I chose Christchurch. It is quiet and not crowded. It is easy to move around. People are very helpful.

Ting Fu Chen


Studying abroad is a significant investment and a life-changing experience.

Making the right choice starts here – take some time to explore study alternatives available in Christchurch.

It all starts at school

Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region has around 160 schools including both state and independent (private) schools. Each school has its own unique history and personality that has been developed by the school community, board, Principal and teaching staff.

Whether you are looking for traditional, sporting, academic or a creative focus you will find a school in Christchurch that will suit your child’s needs.

Hosting international students is a serious undertaking that requires investment in staff, systems and facilities to provide the best possible experience. Schools make this investment not just for financial benefit, but because international students bring with them different perspectives and cultural diversity that adds to the learning and development of the whole school community.

Over 40% of all Christchurch schools welcome international students and are signatories to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (Code of Practice).

Many schools welcome the opportunity to host short-stay, study tours as well as longer term individual students.

Tertiary education – so many options, academic and vocational

Christchurch is a small city with two top quality universities, a stunning polytechnic and many specialist vocational training providers. Other major universities and education providers also have campuses in Christchurch.

Tertiary providers in the region welcome international students and will work with each individual to determine the best possible course of study for successful attainment of academic and career goals. Foundation courses are available for those students who may require a period of preparation for successful completion of their study.

English Language Study

Learning english in a small city is an ideal way to have fun and meet people from around the world. Short or long term english study options are available with all of the providers in Christchurch. The practical, applied teaching style will give students the confidence and ability to use their new language skills from day one.

Choosing a provider

Most providers are happy to talk to you directly about your learning needs and many will have staff who can talk to you in your first language. If you prefer to use the services of an education agent this is fine too. There are a number of local Christchurch based education agents and guardianship services available, as well as agents based in your home country. We recommend using the services of a New Zealand Specialist Agent (NZSA).